Established in August 6 th , 1997, MILTON CUBAS, P.E. has prospered as a Civil Engineering firm dedicated to fulfilling each client's building needs. The multi-faceted practice takes pride in providing personal service, utilizing the knowledge and experience of its professional staff, with expertise in both residential and commercial disciplines. Each project is viewed as a problem-solving process, combining client involvement through each phase of research, programming, and design.


Milton Cubas, P.E. utilizes computer-aided drafting software and it counts with full computer 3-D modeling capabilities. Experienced budget analysis as well as cost control methodology assure that each project will be reviewed continuously in terms timeliness along with proper utilization of the budget allotted.

We are a group of professional Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and Software Engineers committed to the quality of our projects. We keep a policy of continuous education and improvement of knowledge, technologies and methodologies for better serving our customers while producing accurate results. We provide Architecture or Construction firms, Steel Fabricators, Awning designer, as well as any other person wishing to make a construction project, the foundation for any successful job: Good designs and accurate information.

Located in North Miami , Florida , we know perfectly the local conditions and building requirements. Our knowledge of current regulations and Building Codes, Cities/Counties policies, as well as many years of experience, makes us a perfect partner for your project. 

II1302 NE 125th Street . North Miami, FL 33161II